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Women boots have varied types. It is an indispensable fashion item in our daily life

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Dongguan Brilliant Jelly Group Ltd is a footwear manufacturer based in both Taiwan and China, We have first started our factory in 1987 in Taiwan, And started our factory in Donguan, China in 2006.

We have 4 production line to satisfy different customers that need different type of shoes such as sneaker, Heel, boots and beach sandals, flip-flops.


Excpet for the nice Women boots

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We share the important information of fancy sneakers with you

Size of Fancy sneakers

1. The gap between the foot and the back of the shoe should be moderate. Generally speaking, after the toe touches the toe of the shoe, a finger can be inserted into the heel. If the gap between the back and the foot is too loose, the back of the shoe will be too loose, making it difficult to walk and the step will be unstable; if it is too tight, the back of the shoe will rub the foot and cause the foot to foam. In severe cases Wounded and bleeding.

2. Shoes should be moderately fat and thin. If you are too fat, your feet are easy to move left and right in the shoes, and they will be left and right when you walk. If the road conditions are not good, or if you are climbing, the feet are more likely to be twisted, and the shoes are also easy to deform. If you are too thin, pinched feet and toes are the most likely to be injured. They will be squeezed very painfully, and deformities will occur over time. If you are too thin, it will squeeze the instep, make blood circulation blocked, and cause fatigue and pain.

3. Keep a certain distance between the toe and the toe. There must be a gap of at least 7 mm to 10 mm between the toe of the toe and the toe of the shoe. When a person walks, the sole of the foot will be stretched to a certain extent, and due to inertia, each step has the effect of forward force, but the friction between the sole and the foot is much smaller than the friction between the sole and the ground. The inside of the shoe tends to move forward, so there must be a certain distance.


Q: Are you a trading exporter or a manufacturer?
A:Precisely, we are both. We are a factory more than 20 years experience.

Q:Do you support OEM/ODM?
A:Yes. We can print your logo on the products (screen printing, heat transfer printing, gas sublimation printing..etc).

Q:About sample
A:Samples will be ready in 3 days for wholesale order, and 7-20 days for OEM/ODM order. Sample fees and shipping cost will be charged, but would be returned after bulk order placed.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: We can deliver within 3 days for wholesale orders, and 20-45 days for OEM/ODM (depends on the quantity).In case of delay, we will keep you informed about the status and solutions in advance.

Q: How about your company's quality control?
A: We have professional QA & QC team to fully track the orders from the beginning to the very end, such as checking the material, supervising the production, spot-checking the finished goods.

Q: Return Policy
A: If you want to exchange the items received, you must contact us within 7 days upon receipt of the items. The items returned should be kept in their original status and you should pay the additional shipping fees incurred.

Q: Is sample available?
A: Yes, please contact us to enjoy sample service.

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