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Daddy shoes are a very popular style of shoes this year, and they are very popular among young people nowadays. The style of this shoe is very characteristic, because its sole is thicker compared to other shoes, but the overall shape will not appear too bulky. Instead, it uses this design to lengthen the wearer’s leg line, making The wearer looks taller. Therefore, this pair of shoes has a special effect of stealth increase.

The appearance of old daddy shoes is retro, following the retro style of the last century. The appearance looks very old and clumsy. It can even be said to be a bit ugly, but it is the biggest trend of this autumn and winter. And it almost eats all men and women, and it has become the most photographed shoe on INS.

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What is stack heel

A stack heel is a specific form of ladies's footwear. Like several females's shoes, this type possesses a sticking out style component at the back of the footwear which leads to the individual to appear taller. Along with increasing elevation, heels additionally transform the manner in which the individual moves as well as walks, often in a visually feeling free to method. Stack heels are actually set apart by their normally more beefy appeal, as well as their more significant level of convenience when compared to a few other heeled shoes. Like other heeled shoes, discovering to walk on a pile heel takes some time as well as determination.

Stack heels are greater as well as stronger than heels, yet thinner than blocks.

Pile heels are actually larger and also sturdier than heels, however thinner than blocks.

Heeled footwear have been around for centuries. A mild heel often tends to create a shoe more comfortable to use, supplying ankle assistance as well as creating strolling long hauls a lot easier. The idea of boosting the heel significantly was actually used by each men and women as far back as Ancient Egypt. Heeled footwear can produce the user appear additional distinguished, forcing him or her to move beautifully as well as also incorporating elevation. Most present day heeled footwear are actually developed for girls only, and they have come to be related to women's formal wear.

Modern high heeled shoes operate a range coming from blocks to stilettos. Blocks are created along with extremely sizable, very chunky heels which in some cases occupy nearly the entire shoe. These shoes are actually likewise sometimes referred to as platform heels, and also they might include boosting wedges under the foot location too. Stilettos, on the other hand, possess quite slim heels, creating all of them difficult to stabilize on as well as stroll along with.

The pile heel assaults a happy medium in between the 2 styles. It is a beefy footwear when reviewed to heels, usually along with a flared foundation that makes the heel a lot more encouraging. Having said that, the stack-style heel is not nearly as chunky as a pair of wedges. The footwear possesses curvilinear product lines and beauty, while likewise delivering help to the feet and ankle joints of the user. Consequently, a pile heel is actually sensibly comfy to use, also for long term time periods.

The elevation of the stack heel can easily differ fairly largely. Unlike heels, which are actually commonly connected with really high heels, pile heels may provide pretty little airlift. They can additionally feature astonishingly long heels, although the longer the heel, the much more possible distress. Unlike platform heels, stacked ones carry out not have elevating systems under the frontal area of the shoe. The pile heel concept could be found on boots in addition to regular gown footwear.



Dongguan Brilliant Jelly Group Ltd is a footwear manufacturer based in both Taiwan and China, We have first started our factory in 1987 in Taiwan, And started our factory in Donguan, China in 2006.

We have 4 production line to satisfy different customers that need different type of shoes such as sneaker, Heel, boots and beach sandals, flip-flops.




Q: Are you a trading exporter or a manufacturer?
A:Precisely, we are both. We are a factory more than 20 years experience.

Q:Do you support OEM/ODM?
A:Yes. We can print your logo on the products (screen printing, heat transfer printing, gas sublimation printing..etc).

Q:About sample
A:Samples will be ready in 3 days for wholesale order, and 7-20 days for OEM/ODM order. Sample fees and shipping cost will be charged, but would be returned after bulk order placed.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: We can deliver within 3 days for wholesale orders, and 20-45 days for OEM/ODM (depends on the quantity).In case of delay, we will keep you informed about the status and solutions in advance.

Q: How about your company's quality control?
A: We have professional QA & QC team to fully track the orders from the beginning to the very end, such as checking the material, supervising the production, spot-checking the finished goods.

Q: Return Policy
A: If you want to exchange the items received, you must contact us within 7 days upon receipt of the items. The items returned should be kept in their original status and you should pay the additional shipping fees incurred.

Q: Is sample available?
A: Yes, please contact us to enjoy sample service.

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